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Why should I buy followers from veviral?

To buy Instagram followers is most certainly to buy trust, respect and stature on the social media platform. Instagram users who see profiles with high amounts of followers are much more likely to trust the profile and, in turn, trust the content that that profile posts, making an abundance of followers a crucial part of climbing the dog-eat-dog rankings of Instagram. To do this without the ability to buy Instagram likes can create tedium, frustration and despair as the chances are it will never happen. To be taken seriously, followers are key.

How does buying followers help?

Naturally, your follower-base is of upmost importance to building your social media empire and the more you have, the more people will see and share your posts. Despite many promises from self-proclaimed ‘experts’ claiming to have the secret formula to do this, the fastest way is – of course – to simply buy them. Many people starting out their Instagram journey are conned into paying premiums to join teams that promise the world and it’s a crying shame to say that these don’t work and are so often ran half-heartedly, resulting in nothing but a waste of both time and money. (which, we understand, are two very important commodities).

Can I get banned for buying followers?

No, due to the large percent of Instagram’s popular pages that buy followers, they don’t ban people for doing so. If Instagram notice a sudden influx of followers, then they sometimes simply remove the new followers leaving your account intact. Follower removal can be easily avoided by using high quality followers from highly reputed vendors, such as ourselves.